Community gardening: It grows on you


Garden Goals

The primary goal of the Community Garden, 1014 Jefferson Street, Chesapeake, VA 23324 USA, is to bring neighbors together and, together, complete the growing season with a bountiful harvest of vegetables and fruits.

The garden provides fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables for families who invest their time and energy in the Community Garden, and it facilitates neighborhood sharing and regular donations to the food pantries and soup kitchens in our area.

During the growing season (summer through late fall), members host gatherings in the garden for meetings, educational demonstrations, documentaries, potluck suppers and whatever else might come up. The group gathers on second and fourth Saturdays for volunteer work days (in good weather) and quarterly for work meetings.

Newcomers, volunteers and garden lovers are invited to pitch in and accept ownership in Historic South Norfolk’s Community Garden. The Community Garden is intended to be a source of comfort and solace, a safe place to get in touch with nature and neighbors, and a source of beauty for everyone.


Garden Hours & Map


  • Community Garden Hours:
    Sunrise to Sunset
  • Plots are $10 each per year.
  • The GREEN garden plots are Private Plots reserved for individuals and families. 
  • The BROWN Community Plots that are open to all residents in the community for harvesting.
  • The YELLOW  box is for composting. 
  • Volunteers always welcome.
  • Please use our contact form to request more information about the Community Garden.


Continuing Projects

• Maintain and enhance the property at 1014 Jefferson Street.

• Create new or repair 4 x 8 ft garden beds for volunteers to raise organic vegetables for their families.

• Donate garden grown vegetables to help support neighborhood soup kitchens and food banks.

• Maintain and expand the composting and rainwater collection systems to use in the garden and to provide an educational model to home gardeners.

• Monitor and maintain the southeastern edge of the property which is subject to runoff and erosion.

• Host events to provide healthy food, gardening, and environmental education to residents of the community.



Gardening requires lots of water — most of it in the form of perspiration.

~Lou Erickson

Garden Triumphs

Beginning with those who sprouted the idea for a community garden and brought it to life, the little garden in the South Norfolk Historic District continues to bloom and grow, thanks to the volunteers who have given thousand of hours, and thanks to the generous donations of materials, plants & seeds, soils & fill, tools, machinery, and funds for expenses.

Support from South Norfolk and the city of Chesapeake has been remarkable, however, fundraising efforts are as continuous as the need for support for garden maintenance and growth. (Did you see the big green “DONATE” button at the top? Hint, Hint. 🙂 )

The South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch and the Community Garden project have been recognized by the Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Commission, Chesapeake Community Programs, the Elizabeth River Project, and Cox Conserves Heroes and have been featured (twice!) in the Chesapeake Clipper.



 History of the South Norfolk Community Garden

The South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch Group Inc. formed a committee in March of 2012 to discuss the possibility of a community garden in South Norfolk. The committee established its goals, a property was located and planning began. The new property was cleared in June.

By Thanksgiving of 2012, members were donating greens to community dinners and a local soup kitchen. The little garden continued to grow and in the summer of 2013, gardeners donated an average of 55 pounds of surplus food to neighborhood soup kitchens, food banks, shelters, and families each week.

Every year, volunteer gardeners work to cultivate greater volumes of produce to consume, to share and to donate. If you are the slightest inclined to join us, please come to a meeting or a work day. We need you.