FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch?

CLICK HERE to contact us for more information, or attend a meeting on the third Monday of the month, at 7-8:30 p.m. at the Chesapeake Avenue United Methodist Church, 1200 Chesapeake Ave. in South Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia.

How can I stay connected with city government?

How do I request city services?

Visit the city’s online services request page, HERE.

If you are uncomfortable with online forms, you can call the city at 382-6161 and ask to request a city service.

If you choose to use the online form, you can request services anonymously, but the city will be unable to respond to you personally, but they will still act on serious requests. Some people make anonymous requests to report abandoned cars, residents with messy yards, etc. 


Following is a list of all the services you can request:

  • Adopt a Garden/Highway Program Info
  • Animal Services – TrapRequest
  • Basketball Goal in Right-of-WayBulk Trash Pickup – Household Items only (No yard debris)
  • Bulk Trash Pickup – Tree/yard Debris Only (No household)
  • Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area
  • City Budget Inquiry
  • Code Compliance Inquiry
  • Commercial Vehicle – In A Residential Area
  • Corner Visibility
  • Dead Animal In or Along Roadway
  • Debris Accumulation – Existing PropertyDebris/Trash – New Construction
  • Development & Permits – GeneralDitch – Blocked
  • Drainage IssueFire – Annual Life/Safety Inspection Request
  • Fire – System Inspection Request (Contractors Only)
  • Fire Dept. – Customer Service Survey
  • Fire Dept. – EMS – Customer Service Survey
  • Fire Dept. – Fire – Customer Service SurveyFraud, Waste, & Abuse – Chesapeake Audit
  • Graffiti – City Owned Property/Right-of-Way
  • Graffiti – Non-City Owned/Private Property
  • Grass & Weeds -Too HighGrass Mowing – City ROW – Public Roads Only
  • Grass Weeds & Debris
  • Illegal Vehicle Sale
  • Inspection Request
  • Landscape Violation (Commercial Site Only)
  • Library Concern
  • Miscellaneous Request for City Services
  • Missed Trash – ContainerParks and Recreation – Athletic Field Equipment-MaintenanceParks and Recreation – Athletic Field MaintenanceParks and Recreation – Park or Shelter Maintenance
  • Pool – (Under Construction) Unsafe
  • Portable Storage Containers/Dumpsters
  • Property Maintenance Violation
  • Recreational Vehicle – In Front Yard
  • Recycling Can – Exchange for Different Size (Blue Can)
  • Recycling Can – Repair (Blue Can)
  • Recycling Can – Replace – Damaged/Truck Took (Blue Can)
  • Recycling Can – Residential New Construction (Blue Can)
  • Setbacks – HousesSewer – Cave in (Sanitary)
  • Sewer – Cleanout Cover or Plug – Missing or BrokenSewer – Manhole Cover – Missing or BrokenSewer – Manhole OverflowingSewer – StoppageSidewalk RepairSign – Installation – Engineering
  • Sign – Maintenance/Repair
  • Sign – Temporary (Illegal) – D PSign – Visibility Obstruction
  • Skateboard Ramp – ViolationStreet Light – Repair RequestStreets – Curb and Gutter DamageStreets – Debris/Litter (Right of Way – Non Road)
  • Streets – Ice/Snow Reported
  • Streets – Pavement/Crossmark Marking
  • Streets – Pothole RepairStreets – Shoulder Repair
  • Streets – Vegetation Control in ROW
  • Traffic Signal Installation (New)
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Trash Can-Repair (Brown Can)
  • Trash Can-Replacement (Brown Can)
  • Trash Can-Residential New Construction (Brown Can)
  • Vehicle – InoperableWater – LeakWater – Low PressureWater – Meter Cover – Missing Or Broken
  • Water (Drinking) – QualityWetlands (Tidal) Code Enforcement
  • Working Without a Permit
  • Zoning Violation -General


How can I be notified of city emergencies?


Sign up online to be alerted when emergencies arise.

For more information about Chesapeake Alerts, please visit the city’s Chesapeake Alert page.

Can I submit a tip to the Crimeline online?


What is the contact info for CPD?

Non-Emergency Number: 757-382-6161

Please use 9-1-1 for emergencies.

More CPD contact info:

304 Albemarle Drive,
Chesapeake, VA 23322
Fax: 757-382-6821
Email: CPDQuestions@CityofChesapeake.net
You may use the telephone numbers and email addresses below to contact specific areas of the Chesapeake Police Department.

Please use 9-1-1 for emergencies.

General Information 757-382-6556 CPDQuestions@CityofChesapeake.net
Hearing & Speech Impaired 757-382-6244  
Crime Line Information Tip Line 757-487-1234  
Office of the Chief of Police 757-382-6404 CPDOfficeoftheChief@CityofChesapeake.net
Office of the Deputy Chief of Police 757-382-6596  
Investigations Bureau 757-382-8241 CPDInvestigationsBureau@CityofChesapeake.net
Patrol Operations Bureau 757-382-8527 CPDPatrolBureau@CityofChesapeake.net
Support Bureau 757-382-8527 CPDSupportBureau@CityofChesapeake.net
First Precinct (Great Bridge) 757-382-6556 CPDFirstPrecinct@CityofChesapeake.net
Second Precinct (South Norfolk) 757-382-1500 757-382-1501 CPDSecondPrecinct@CityofChesapeake.net
Third Precinct (Deep Creek) 757-673-0498 CPDThirdPrecinct@CityofChesapeake.net
Fourth Precinct (Western Branch) 757-382-3500 CPDFourthPrecinct@CityofChesapeake.net
Fifth Precinct (Greenbrier) 757-410-0582 CPDFifthPrecinct@CityofChesapeake.net
Criminal Investigations Section 757-382-6251 CPDCIS@CityofChesapeake.net
Special Operations Section   CPDOperationsDiv@CityofChesapeake.net
Vice and Narcotics Section 757-382-6427 CPDVN@CityofChesapeake.net
Central Records Unit 757-382-6387 CPDRecords@CityofChesapeake.net
Ethics and Conduct Unit 757-382-6422 cpdethicsandconduct@cityofchesapeake.net
Traffic Enforcement Unit 757-382-6448 CPDTES@CityofChesapeake.net
Police Academy   CPDPoliceAcademy@CityofChesapeake.net
Police Webmaster   CPDWebmaster@CityofChesapeake.net
Emergency Communications 757-382-6161 CPDDispatch@CityofChesapeake.net
*** NOTE: Dial 9-1-1 for Emergency Services ***
*** NOTE: Do not e-mail request for Emergency Services ***


Can i make non-emergency reports to police online?


Use the Citizens Online Police Reporting System:

File a NON-EMERGENCY Police Report Online in English or Español

Can i share complaints and compliments with CPD?

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