Garden Projects: We need your help!

Garden Project #1:  Rainwater system for the Community Garden

The Historic South Norfolk Community Garden is seeking to install a rainwater watering system similar to the image below.The watering system will help irrigate the garden in an economical and ecological way, saving money on electricity and preserving ground-water resources. It will also serve as a teaching model for other gardeners seeking a greener way to grow their gardens.

 Estimated cost: $500

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Garden Project #2:  New Raised Beds

For young and old, nothing takes the hassle out of horticulture like raised container gardening. They are great for everyone with limited mobility, special needs, or a preference for working off the ground. Raised containers are also great for vining crops allowing more length within the garden plot.

Estimated cost: $350

55 Gallon Raised Planters
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