Second Precinct Officers eagerly assisted with two “Trunk-or-Treat” events last month. One of the events which was held at Thurgood Marshall Elementary on October 23rd and the other at South Norfolk Community Center.

Captain Dunlap participated in the Eastern Virginia Diversity & Inclusion Conference, which was held in Virginia Beach. He spoke of Chesapeake’s “Serve the City” program and expounded on how the police department worked with local churches.

The Second Precinct conducted four overtime funded patrols in high crime areas with special emphasis placed upon areas which received a number of calls for gunshots. As a result, Second Precinct officers performed multiple foot patrols and field interviews, completed 54 traffic stops, and accomplished 7 arrest (alcohol and drug violations) which marked a decrease in the number of calls for service including shooting incidents. Bike Patrol officers continue to actively stay in the public eye and address citizens’ concerns in the Historic District.

The Bike Patrol Unit also interacted with 191 citizens, performed 25 foot patrols, issued 40 traffic summonses, and made 1 arrest. The residents of South Norfolk remain enthusiastic about being the eyes and ears for the police department.

The Second Precinct handled various Customer Service Requests which involved parking issues on city streets, expired inspection stickers and license plates, and concerned residents inquiring of gun shots fired. Lieutenant Day was able to communicate with South Norfolk residents regarding the gun shots that were heard and addressed their concerns.

Officer J. Smith was able to tag and ticket vehicles that were confirmed to have any parking violations. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 25 vehicles were tagged, 8 vehicles towed, and 25 parking tickets issued during this reporting period.