Second Precinct Officers were enthusiastic to participate in the Active Threat Response Training which took place at TCC (Chesapeake Campus) on November 13, 2015.

The Second Precinct continues to aid the CAST Program (Chesapeake Area Shelter Team) and serve as the only pickup location for the homeless being transported to a church providing overnight shelter.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard hosted a “RUN” which took place on the Jordan Bridge, as a courtesy, Second Precinct officers briefly oversaw the safety of the participants running to the Chesapeake side of the bridge.

The Second Precinct provided an officer to attend a Crime Prevention meeting held on November 21st at the Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church to address all police related questions or concerns.

The Second Precinct officers conducted Warrant and Traffic Enforcements in sporadic locations throughout the city which resulted in: 40 traffic stops, 17 summonses served, 40 warrant attempts, and two arrests for illegal drugs/narcotics.

The Historic District Patrol continues to actively stay in the public eye and address citizens’ concerns in the Historic District. The officers came in contact with 53 citizens, conducted 8 foot patrols, completed 12 traffic stops, and made 1 arrest.  

The residents of South Norfolk remain dedicated to being the eyes and ears for the police department.

The Second Precinct handled various Customer Service Requests which involved: abandoned vehicles, speeding concerns on a busy roadway, noise complaints against a commercial business, as well as an inquiry on the status of a police case. Lieutenant Day was able to converse with several commercial businesses to address the noise complaints and communicate with a resident in regards to the status of a police case. Officer Smith was able to tag and tow several abandoned vehicles and post a speed trailer to monitor the speed of traffic on a busy street. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 21 vehicles were tagged, 4 vehicles towed, and 24 parking tickets issued during this reporting period.