Second Precinct Officers contributed towards the “Christmas Project”, which was launched by Officer Millington, and were overjoyed to assist with the delivery of Christmas gifts to the children at “Our Little Stars Christian Family Child Care”. Many Second Precinct Officers along with Supervisors, volunteered to take part in the “Angel Tree Project” and each officer whole-heartedly gave a wide array of purchased presents to children in need of a special Christmas.

The Second Precinct continues to aid the CAST Program (Chesapeake Area Shelter Team) and remain the only pickup location for the homeless being transported to a church providing overnight shelter.

Second Precinct Officers increased police patrol in the Historic District and continue to address citizens’ concerns. Last month officers came in contact with 39 citizens, conducted 7 foot patrols, attended 6 calls for services, conducted 3 field interviews, issued 9 traffic summonses, and made 9 arrests.

The South Norfolk TIF Fund has allowed overtime for additional officers to patrol the TIF area to improve neighborhood safety. Last month officers came in contact with 89 citizens, conducted 31 foot patrols, attended 47 calls for service, conducted 20 field interviews, issued 55 traffic summonses, and made 16 arrest. Second Precinct residents remain dedicated to serve as the eyes and ears for the Police Department.

The Second Precinct answered various Customer Service Requests which involved: abandoned vehicles, the legality of a business, increased police presence to deter drug dealing, vehicle lacking an inspection sticker, along with monitoring traffic for speeders. Officers communicated with residents and addressed their various concerns. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 33 vehicles were tagged, 5 vehicles towed, and 51 parking tickets issued during this reporting period.