Second Precinct Officers proudly assisted the Marine Corp League with rounding up worn American Flags for proper disposal this month. Numerous Second Precinct Officers assisted with and attended the memorial service for fallen retired Officer Dooley; officers witnessed a large outpour of love and support from surrounding communities that came to pay their respect.

The Captain, Lieutenant, and Second Precinct Officers attended ten (10) civic league meetings during this reporting period: Southside Civic League, Norfolk Highland Civic League, Queen City Civic League, Fairfield Parkwood Civic League, West Munden Civic League, Georgetown Civic League, Sunrise Hills Civic League, South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch, and Chesapeake Crossing Civic League.The Captain also welcomed the Second Precinct’s newest civic league: Queen City Civic League.

Second Precinct Officers continue to patrol the Historic District and remain active within the precinct’s surrounding communities. Last month officers interacted with 124 citizens, attended 12 calls for services, conducted 9 foot patrols, issued 21 traffic summonses, and made 2 arrests. The South Norfolk TIF Fund continues to aid with supplying additional officers to patrol the TIF areas for increased neighborhood safety. Last month officers came in contact with 158 citizens, attended 47 calls for service, conducted 12 foot patrols, conducted 21 field interviews, issued 91 traffic summonses, and made 6 arrests. Residents within the Second Precinct’s jurisdiction continue to assist the police by reporting crimes and potential violations.

The Second Precinct answered numerous Customer Service Requests which involved: vehicles parked in unsafe areas of city streets, trucks violating “No Thru” signs, expired inspection stickers, cars racing on city streets, as well as a suspicious foul odor. Second Precinct Supervisors and Patrol Officers communicated with residents to address their various concerns and investigated reports of suspicious activities. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 35 vehicles were tagged, 12 vehicles towed, and 38 parking tickets issued during this reporting period.