Second Precinct Officers were elated to have 240 students participate in a bicycle safety program which was conducted at Georgetown Elementary School. The Second Precinct continues to aid the CAST Program and serve as the only pickup location for the homeless being transported to a church sponsoring overnight shelter. Second Precinct Officers attended five (5) civic league meetings during this reporting period: Queen City, South Norfolk, Fairfield/Parkwood, Sunrise Hills, and Chesapeake Crossing.

A number of officers from all Police Precincts, Police Specialty Units, as well as the Sheriff’s Office assisted with a Warrant Roundup which was launched out of the Second Precinct. The special operation began Monday, February 1st at 06:00 hours, concluded at 15:00 hours. The event resulted in officers attempting to serve 194 warrants and attaining 25 arrest. The Warrant Unit also assisted the city in protecting the environment by serving code compliance summonses in communities within the Second Precinct area. Second Precinct officers continue to patrol the Historic District along with its other surrounding communities. During the current reporting period officers interacted with 135 citizens, attended 4 calls for services, conducted 10 foot patrols, issued 18 traffic summonses, and made 2 arrests.

The South Norfolk TIF Fund continues to aid with supplying additional officers to patrol the TIF areas for increased neighborhood safety which resulted in: 287 citizen contacts, 47 calls for service attended, 12 foot patrols conducted, 21 field interviews, 91 traffic summonses issued, and 6 arrest made. Residents within the Second Precinct’s jurisdiction continue to assist the police by reporting crimes and potential violations.

The Second Precinct answered numerous Customer Service Requests which involved: trucks violating “No Thru” signs, expired inspection stickers, inoperable vehicles on city streets, trailers illegally parked on city streets, vehicles blocking fire hydrants, and junk cars parking on city streets and obstructing the view of drivers. Second Precinct Supervisors and Patrol Officers communicated with residents and addressed their various concerns. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 30 vehicles were tagged, 5 vehicles towed, and 12 parking tickets issued.