May 2016 Community Awareness Report

Second Precinct Officers enjoyed a Career Day with Portlock Primary and extended the children’s knowledge of learning from the classroom to the workplace. The officers described what they did at work, encouraged kids to follow the rules, and explained that doing well in school was the best way to lead by example.

Second Precinct Officers attended seven (7) civic league meetings during this reporting period: South Norfolk, Fairfield Parkwood, Sunrise Hills, West Munden, Queen City, Campostella, and Chesapeake Crossing. Law Enforcement Officers from Chesapeake Police, Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office, alongside State Police, Virginia Beach Police, and Norfolk Police conducted Enforcement Operations out of the Second Precinct and surrounding areas to target guns, drugs, and wanted persons on April 1, 2016. Norfolk Police confiscated 15 caps of heroin and seized $1,620.00 of illegal money, made 3 drug arrests, issued 3 traffic summonses, attempted to serve 45 warrants, and made 1 juvenile arrest. Virginia Beach Police issued 4 traffic summons and State Police issued 5 traffic summonses. Chesapeake Police attempted to serve 20 warrants, made 3 warrant arrests along with 11 drug arrests and seized $290.00 of illegal money, issued 67 traffic summonses, and made 1 DUI arrest.

Second Precinct Officers continue to patrol the Historic District along with all of the surrounding communities. Last month officers interacted with 104 citizens, conducted 8 foot patrols, attended to 23 calls for service, made 3 arrests, issued 10 traffic summonses, and carried out 3 field interviews. Second Precinct residents and business owners continue to assist the police by reporting suspicious activities and possible violations. The Second Precinct answered numerous Customer Service Requests which involved: possible illegal drug activities within a community, a request for police presence at a busy intersection, a request to have speed monitored on a busy roadway, and a report of expired tags on a vehicles parked on a city street.

Second Precinct Supervisors and Patrol Officers ensured that they promptly addressed the various concerns of residents and business owners. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 35 vehicles were tagged, 5 vehicles towed, and 8 parking tickets issued during this reporting period