Second Precinct officers eagerly participated in the “Annual Build a Bike Event” which took place in Western Branch in mid-May; there volunteers combined talents with 240 under privileged children to help each child put their very own new bike together. Second Precinct Officers attended (5) five civic league meetings during this reporting period: South Norfolk, Fairfield Parkwood, West Munden, Queen City, and Southside. An officer also attended The Historic South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch Group meeting.

Second Precinct officers continue to patrol the South Norfolk Historic District and remain active within the surrounding communities. Last month officers working extra patrols interacted with 77 citizens, attended 4 calls for service, conducted 8 foot patrols, issued 6 traffic summonses, made 2 arrests, and conducted 7 field interviews. Second Precinct residents and business owners continue to assist the police by reporting suspicious activities and possible violations.

The Second Precinct answered numerous Customer Service Requests which involved: suspicious criminal activities within a community, requests to have speed monitored on some residential streets, reports of abandoned vehicles parked on city streets, as well as vehicles blocking the view of traffic. Second Precinct Supervisors and Patrol Officers ensured that they promptly addressed the various concerns of residents and business owners. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 39 vehicles were tagged, 13 vehicles towed, and 31 parking tickets were issued during this reporting period.