Second Precinct Officers along with the K-9 Unit and Dive Team shared in recognizing “Community Day” with all the neighbors of Shire Apartments. Officers from the Second Precinct also participated in the 2016 Career Day at Crestwood Career Day. During Career Day officers were joined by parents, families, and community members to explain their transition from school to their chosen occupation. Officers took joy in partnering with the South Norfolk Community Center to assist with making summer camp fun, safe, and educational for resident youths. Second Precinct Supervisors received a request to speak with 100 cub scouts attending summer camp and were honored to speak to the young scouts about “Neighborhood Safety”.

Second Precinct Officers continue with a special patrol of the Historic District and remain active within the precinct’s surrounding communities. Officers on special patrol interacted with 61 citizens, attended 28 calls for services, conducted 10 foot patrols, issued 3 traffic summonses, and made 4 arrests. Second Precinct Officers also participated in a special operation on bikes, which allowed officers to maintain positive interactions with numerous citizens. While on bikes, officers were also able to conduct 14 field interviews, serve 2 warrants, make 2 marijuana arrests, handle 6 calls for service, issue 3 traffic summonses, and make 2 arrests for alcohol offenses.

Residents within the Second Precinct’s jurisdiction continue to assist the police by reporting crimes and potential violations. The Second Precinct answered numerous Customer Service Requests which involved: vehicles speeding on roadways, abandoned cars on city streets, boats parked on streets, possible drug activity in neighborhoods, and expired inspection stickers on vehicles parked on the street.

Second Precinct Supervisors and Patrol Officers communicated with residents to address their various concerns and investigated reports of suspicious activities. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 56 vehicles were tagged, 9 vehicles towed, and 21 parking tickets issued during this reporting period