National Night Out 2016, once more, provided an opportunity to promote police and community partnerships. Second Precinct officers enjoyed interacting with the surrounding communities as neighborhoods celebrated “their power to control events in the community”. Second Precinct officers also came together with members of the Chesapeake Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office at Lakeside Park to compete in the ‘Annual Canoe Race’. The Police Foundation held their annual Back to School Giveaway which was held at the Second Precinct and Third Precincts; various officers and volunteers distributed over 400 backpacks to young school aged children. Members of Bethany Baptist Church requested that police attend their ‘Community Day’; Second Precinct officers answered the call and eagerly prepared a bike safety class for the church’s youth. Second Precinct officers attended two (2) civic league meetings during this reporting period.

Second Precinct officers continue with a special patrol of the Historic District and remain active within the precinct’s surrounding communities. Officers on special patrol interacted with 193 citizens, attended 13 calls for services, conducted 9 foot patrols, conducted 1 field interview, issued 33 traffic summonses, and made 10 arrests. Second Precinct officers also participated in a special police operation on bikes, which allowed officers to maintain positive interactions with numerous citizens. While on bikes officers made contact with 258 citizens, conducted 22 field interviews, made 16 arrest, conducted 16 foot patrols, handled 61 calls for service, and issued 41 traffic summonses.

Residents within the Second Precinct’s jurisdiction continue to assist the police by reporting crimes and potential violations. The Second Precinct answered numerous Customer Service Request which involved: trailers parked illegally on city streets, people speeding as they cut through neighborhoods, and trash being dumped on sidewalks. Second Precinct officers communicated with residents and business owners to address and resolve various concerns. The Second Precinct also received a very special CSR praising the effort of several officers attending a service call, although officers felt it was their duty they were still very grateful.

The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 25 vehicles were tagged, 6 vehicles towed, and 33 parking tickets issued during this reporting period.