Indian River Middle School SCA members invited Second Precinct officers to their school to demonstrate their appreciation for law enforcement by presenting them with bagged goodies. The SCA President assured officers that their hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed.

Second Precinct officers visited Indian River High School and took time to discuss current events with one of the government classes. The officers even added a little twist to their discussion by interacting with students on their points of view on profiling – students were absolutely amazed at the results. Second Precinct officers attended South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch and three civic league meetings during this reporting period: Fairfield Parkwood, Sunrise Hills, and West Munden. Residents within the Second Precinct’s jurisdiction continue to assist the police by reporting crimes and potential violations.

The Second Precinct answered several Customer Service Request which involved: speeding in school zones and inoperable vehicles parked on city streets. Second Precinct officers communicated with residents and business owners to address and resolve various concerns. The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 45 vehicles were tagged, 9 vehicles towed, and 26 parking tickets issued during this reporting period.