Several Second Precinct officers and supervisors participated in a Coffee with a Cop event which allowed officers and citizens to have positive interactions within the community. Many officers from the Chesapeake Police Department showed their dedication to the community by participating in the Annual Veterans Day Parade that was held in the City of Virginia Beach. A Second Precinct officer was in charge of leading the Honor Guard detail for those participating from our city. The Second Precinct continues to aid the CAST Program (Chesapeake Area Shelter Team) and remain the only pickup location for the homeless who are transported to a church providing overnight shelter. Second Precinct Officers attended a South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch meeting and six (6) civic league meetings during this reporting period: Southside, Fairfield Parkwood, West Munden, Heron’s Landing, South Norfolk and Sunrise Hills.

Second Precinct officers continue with a special patrol of the Historic District and remain active within the precinct’s surrounding communities. Officers on special patrol interacted with 348 citizens, attended 32 service calls, conducted 7 foot patrols, conducted 2 field interviews, issued 29 traffic summonses and made 12 arrests. Second Precinct officers also participated in a special operation on bikes, which allowed officers to maintain positive interactions with numerous citizens. While on bikes, officers made contact with 30 citizens, conducted 2 field interviews, made 1 arrest, conducted 2 foot patrols, handled 3 calls for service and issued 2 traffic summonses.

Residents within the Second Precinct’s jurisdiction continue to assist the police by reporting crimes and potential violations. The Second Precinct answered several Customer Service Requests which involved: commercial trucks parking on residential streets, drivers speeding in residential areas and abandoned vehicles parked on city streets. Second Precinct officers communicated with residents and business owners to address and resolve various concerns.

The Tow Officer continues to tag vehicles as reported. A total of 15 vehicles were tagged, 7 vehicles towed, and 11 parking tickets were issued during this reporting period.