FEB. 26, 2020

NOTE: The South Norfolk Community Garden is reorganizing. If you want to get involved, please attend a meeting of the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch, which meets quarterly at 6:15 p.m. at the South Norfolk Memorial Library, 801 Poindexter St. in the Gateway Building.


  • Community Garden Hours:
    Currently closed. Usually, Sunrise to Sunset
  • Plots are $10 each per year.
  • The GREEN garden plots are Private Plots reserved for individuals and families.
  • The BROWN Community Plots that are open to all residents in the community for harvesting.
  • The YELLOW  box is for composting.
  • Volunteers always welcome.
  • Please use our contact form to request more information about the Community Garden.

 Continuing Projects

• Maintain and enhance the property at 1014 Jefferson Street.

• Create new or repair 4 x 8 ft garden beds for volunteers to raise organic vegetables for their families.

• Donate garden grown vegetables to help support neighborhood soup kitchens and food banks.

• Maintain and expand the composting and rainwater collection systems to use in the garden and to provide an educational model to home gardeners.

• Monitor and maintain the southeastern edge of the property which is subject to runoff and erosion.

• Host events to provide healthy food, gardening, and environmental education to residents of the community.

Gardening requires lots of water — most of it in the form of perspiration.

~Lou Erickson