The South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch meets quarterly at 6:15 p.m.  at the South Norfolk Memorial Library, 801 Poindexter St. in the Gateway Building.

The mission of the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch, Inc. (SNNW) is to support and empower the residents of South Norfolk to create a safer community, environment and to improve the quality of life in this borough.

SNNW will meet this goal by means of

  • increasing public awareness and education;
  • timely reporting of concerns to the proper authorities;
  • supporting physical and aesthetic improvements to the community;
  • and by creating increased social opportunities for open forums, events, and spaces to safely gather.

Essential to this process are proactive partnerships among citizens, the City of Chesapeake, Chesapeake Police Department, and local businesses.

This will require ongoing going interaction and mutual accountability between:

  • homeowners;
  • residents;
  • safety officers;
  • businesses;
  • schools;
  • churches;
  • and local support groups.

All have a role and vested interest in keeping South Norfolk a secure place to live and work, and are welcomed to join SNNW.

South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch, Inc. exists as a non-profit organization independent of the Chesapeake Police Department or any political affiliation, recognizes the unique diversity of this historic community, and operates with the trust and integrity of our citizens in mind.

South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch

Greg Gonzales, President

Vicki Josue, Secretary


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